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In the new session I welcome you all on behalf of my entire school family. The school managing committee assure that this new session will provide you with many opportunites to show your talent in every aspect of life and will lead to your success with all the well educated, trained and dedicated staff. I am also always with you to solve any kind of problems which you might face. Primary education is the back bone of a person’s life. This is the time when the students learn how to read, write and speak. In other words they learn to become a good citizen. A student needs complete care and guidance during this period. Our school is totally devoted towards fulfilling this requirement since 2008. You can take our school as ‘A Temple of Maa Saraswati’. If you are dedicated, obedient, soft spoken, regular, punctual, and respectful towards your teachers & family, only then you would be able to get your desired goal and you would be able to achieve the same for your school, family, society and your committee. 

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