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Annual Report

Principal’s Annual Report 2022-2023

The Annual Report of 2022-23 is a record of the school’s achievements, participation of the students and the teachers in activities through the year. We, at AIA continued to stay connected with students and the stakeholders even in the most difficult times of 2022-23 and made sure to follow the same holistic approach to education addressing the students' learning, social and emotional needs.

Throughout the pandemic, all of us have faced challenges. Each one of us have cultivated in ourselves the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving situation, and to find opportunities for growth amid the many changes. The year 2021-22 had someunknowns for us in light of the pandemic, and we remained understanding and flexible yet determined to move ahead amidst a fluid situation.

Paramount to the academic achievement and excellence at AIA, our commitment to diversity, equity, learning from each other is equally important. We encourage fostering a community free of intolerance, to be respectful and to be supportive. Always remember, we rise by lifting others.

Academic success is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes. Along with academic pursuits equal importance is given to sports and other physical activities as they develop mental strength, higher self-esteem and a positive mindset amongst students


  • Four students were selected for District level (DLEPC), Manak Inspire Awards & were awarded Cash prize of `10,000 each.
  • Students participated in the following Inter School Events and brought laurels to the school they participated in: Petroleum Conservation and Research Association 2022, Sustainable development goal by t-Gelf


  • Under-14 Boys Netball Team secured Gold in 66th State Level Tournament, the Participants were Lakshay Yadav, Aditya Yadav, Mohit Gurjar, Suraj Shaakya, Abhishek Chotiya, Lakshit Khoda, Himanshu Shekhawat, Rajveer Chotiya and Sumit Choudhary.
  • Priya Choudhary participated in Under-14 category in 66th State-Level Kabaddi Tournament.
  • Isha Dhaka participated in Under-14 category in 66th State Level Handball Tournament.
  • Jaya Saini participated in Under-14 Mini Golf Tournament in 66th State Level Tournament.
  • Garima Dudi, Vaishali Kanwar, Monika, Sakshi Saini, Akansha Singh, Rajawat, Manju Choudhary, Minakshi Jangid and Krishna Kanwar Secured Gold in Under-14 66th State Level Netball Tournament.
  • Sachin Choudhary Participated in Under-14 Shooting Championship in 66th State Level Tournament.
  • Aahana Choudhary and Chhavi Maan Participated in 66th State Level Shooting Tournament Under- 14 Category.
  • Ishika Kulehri Participated in 200m Race in Under-14 Category in Athletics.
  • Nitesh Choudhary, Mohit Maharshi, Sandeep Choudhary from Under-17 Category in 66th State Level Kabaddi Tournament.
  • Bhanu Pratap Singh, Ajay Dhaka, Anshul Choudhary and Rohit Pancholi secured Gold in 66th State- Level Kabaddi Tournament in Under 19 category.
  • Gaurvi Sharma, Harshita Shekhawat, Shalini Yadav and Bhawana Choudhary secured Bronze Medal in Under-17 Kabaddi tournament at State Level.
  • Palak Sharma, Ritika Sen, Jyotsana Chaudhary and Bhawana Choudhary participated in Under-19 category in 66th State Level Basketball Tournament in Under-17 Category.
  • Arun Singh Rajawat and Rahul Choudhary Participated in 66th State Level Basketball Tournament in Under -17 Category.
  • Akshit Hooda and Uttam Mehla participated in 66th State Level Basketball Tournament in Under-19 Category.
  • Jaswant Singh Shekhawat, Roshan Gora, Tanmay Senda, Avinash Saini, Nikhil Choudhary and Pawan Choudhary Secured Silver Medal in Under-17 Netball tournament in 66th State Level tournament.
  • Anjali Saini, Khushboo Saini, Nikita Yadav, Nisha Kadwa, Priyanka Choudhary and Tina Choudhary got Silver Medal in 66th State Level Netball Tournament in Under – 17 Category.
  • Digvijay Singh, Ganesh Jangid, Rahul Choudhary, Yash Yadav, Kushal Jangid and Tanveer Singh Secured Gold Medal in 66th State Level Netball Tournament in Under-19 Boys Category.
  • Lalita Choudhary, Monika Saran, Seema Gora, Payal Saini, Babeeta and Ruchika Kumawat won Gold Medal in 66th State Level Netball Tournament in Under-19 Girls Category.
  • Dheeraj Choudhary, Gaurav Choudhary and Prakhar Sharma participated in 66th State Level Shooting Tournament in Under-17 Boys Category.
  • Bhavyaraj, Mohit Choudhary, Anubhav Nain and Rhythm Tank participated in 66th State Level Shooting Tournament in Under-19 Boys Category.
  • Vandana Shekhawat, Ayushi Nathawat, Palak Sharma and Karishna Choudhary won Silver Medal in 66th State Level Shooting Tournament in Under-19 Girls Category.
  • The School Team including the team Captain Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore, Praveen Choudhary, Ajay Dhaka, Sagar Sharma, Anshul Choudhary, Manav Choudhary, Rohit Pancholi, Mohit Maharshi, Ashok Saini, Amit Choudhary and Vicky Choudhary won Gold Medal in CBSE National Kabaddi Championship held at Delhi Public School Haryana.
  • The School Team including Gaurvi Sharma the Captain, Palak Sharma, Harshita Shekhawat, Bhawana Choudhary, Laveena Chopra, Shalini Yadav, Jyotsana Chaudhary, Bhawana Choudhary, Ritika Sen, Nikita Choudhary, Komal Kanwar and Priya Choudhary won Bronze Medal in CBSE National Kabaddi Championship held at Delhi Public School Haryana.
  • Amit Choudhary Participated in Javelin Throw in CBSE National Athletics Championship held in Varanasi.
  • Gaurvi Sharma and Harshita Shekhawat participated in 32nd Sub-Junior National Kabaddi Championship 2022-23 in Jharkhand.
  • Shweta Piploda participated in National Sub-Junior Handball Championship held in Bihar.
  • Akshit Hooda Secured Silver Medal in 72nd Junior National Basketball Championship 2023, Bangalore
  • Anshul Choudhary Participated in 66th State Level Kabaddi Tournament titled as the Best Defender in Under-19 Category.
  • Sagar Sharma titled as the Best Defender in CBSE National Kabaddi Championship in Under-19 Category.
  • Abhishek Choudhary, “The Best Player” Participated in Under-14 Netball State Tournament.
  • Seema Gora participated in under-19 State Level Netball Tournament 2022-23 held in Jesalmer and awarded as “The Best player.”

CBSE Results


  • No. of students appeared – 46
  • 4 students scored above 90%
  • Highest Percentage in each Subject - English (99), Science (95), Social Science (100), Maths Standard (93), Information Technology (99), Hindi (96),Maths Basic (96)


  • No. of students appeared - 68
  • 3 students scored above 90 %
  • Highest Percentage in each Subject : English (93), Physical Education (94), Biology (88), Maths (94), Chemistry (95), Physics (92), Geography (99), Political Science (98), History (100), Economics (99), Accountancy (97), Business Studies (96)


  • Ambedkar Jayanti, 14th April 22: To commemorate the teachings and contribution of Dr. B.R Ambedkar towards the upliftment of society, activities like role play forthe junior sections and group discussion for the senior section was organized to inculcate the values in life.
  • World Heritage Day, 18th April 22: Activities like Quiz, Poster making, Slogan writing, talk show were conducted, focusing on the need to preserve the culture and emblems of historical importance.
  • Earth Day, 22nd April 22: Activities were organized from Bubbles to Class XII with the aim to raise awareness amongst students about climate change, globalwarning and conserving mother earth.
  • World Book Day, 23rd April 22: Activities organized were “Design your book cover” and “A Book – Device to ignite the imagination”. Online talk show was organized with discussions on poetry, writers and student’s favourite books.
  • World Intellectual Property Day, 26th April 22: It was observed to imbibe the importance about patent, copyright and trademark among students.
  • National Technology Day, 11th May 22: To recognize the achievements andcontributions of scientists and engineers, activities like techno quiz, poster making, graphical representation, speech deliverance were conducted.
  • World Astronomy Day, 15th May 22: An online session was conducted for senior students on “World Astronomy Day” to unravel the evolution of science and the mysteries of the universe.
  • Road Safety Week, 20th May 22: To inculcate in the students awareness of road safety, UN Global Road Safety Week was observed by the students. Students’ active involvement in poster making, slogan writing designing of comic strip all focused on road safety made the day more memorable. The senior studentswere acquainted with an impactful display of road safety through PPT.
  • World Cultural Diversity Day, 21st May 22:To reinforce the concept of Unity in Diversity and to learn to live with differences, activities like conducting research on facts and importance of different states of India and of the countries around the globe were organized across school.
  • International Plastic Free Day, 3rd July 22: In an effort to create awareness about the ill effects of plastic and to inculcate the habit of using paper, jute or cloth bags, activities were conducted on the theme, “If you want Earth to look fantastic, Say No to Plastic”.
  • Van Mahotsav Week, 1st to 7th July 22: Activities were organized to spread awareness on the need to plant trees, conservation of forest etc. Students were advised to plant a sapling each on their birthday.
  • Independence Day: With great zest and patriotic fervor, AIA celebrated the 75th Independence Day.
  • Hindi Divas, 14th September 22: An online session was organised, Poetry recitation, quiz and other activities were conducted.
  • World Mental Health Day, 10th October 22: Activities were organized to promote the global mental health, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Badges were made by students on “I care for your mental wellbeing”.
  • International Literacy Day, 11th November 22: To mark the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, sessions were organized for the students about the history and significance of the day to make children aware about the same. An interschool activity was conducted to spread awareness about the importance of this date and its application in the present times of pandemic.
  • World Animal Welfare Day, 4th October 22: It was observed with the thought of widening the circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and to protect the natural habitat of the animals.
  • United Nations Day, 24th October 22: An insightful session was conducted for the students on the formation of UN, Organs and Agencies of UN, role of UN and UN and India’s relations. Students presented PowerPoint presentation on UN Day and shared information on the history, aims and objectives of the United Nations. Students also shared information on the role of the UN during the Covid pandemic.
  • Rashtriya Ekta Divas Activities, 31st October 22: E-pledge, Online Debate and Poster making activities were conducted.
  • National Mathematics Day, 23th December 22: To mark the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, National Maths Day was celebrated by the students. The theme of the year 2022 was 'Integrated Approach in Mathematics for a Sustainable Future'
  • National Science Day, 28th February 2023: To mark the discovery of the Raman Effect, National Science Day was celebrated by the students. The theme of the year 2022 was 'Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future'.


  • Hubs of Learning: Alpha International Academy is the lead school and has conducted sessions/activities throughout the year.
  • Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav: was organised from August 21 to February 22 for all the classes from Primary to Senior Secondary. Activities like Quit India Movement Day; Poster Making Competition on Freedom Fighters - Independence Day Celebration; Poem and Power Point Presentation by the Students; Paragraph writing about places related to freedom struggle - Hindi Diwas Celebration; Storytelling on Freedom Fighters by Children; Paragraph Writing on Freedom Struggle; Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and History of INA; Speech, Dialogue, Discussion, Popular Story; Poem Recitation aboutFreedom Fighters; Role Play on Freedom Fighters; Importance of Freedom of India - Grandsparents’ Perspective, were organised.
  • Rashtriya Poshan Maah: was observed from 8th to 14th September 2022 for all the classes. Activities like Follow a Rainbow Diet (Quiz), Talk Show On Packaged food and Nutrition, Eat Healthy Grow Healthy, Talk Show- ‘Eat Healthy, Grow Healthy.’, Healthy, Nutritious Sprouts Bhel, Eating right, What's on my plate, Nourish to Flourish, Eat Healthy, Be Nutrition Wealthy, Healthy Fruit Salad, Talk Show On Nutrition were organised.
  • Swachhata Pakhwada: was observed from 1st to 15th September 2022. Activities like Personal Hygiene Day, Hand Wash Day, Green School Drive, Swachhata Shapath were organized.
  • 7th International Day of Yoga: International Day of Yoga was observed for a fortnight with activities beginning from 7th June to 21st June 2022. Students, their parents and teachers actively participated in the sessions. Subhash Chand Saini took sessions for teaching the correct form of pranayama, doing surya namaskar and need for a healthy diet.
  • Reading Campaign: was organised from January 2022 to March 2023 for the classes from Primary to Middle. Reading is the foundation of learning, which motivated the students to read books independently, develop creativity, critical thinking, vocabulary and the ability to express both verbally and in writing. It helped the students to relate to their surroundings and real life situations. It enabled an environment in which students read for pleasure and developed their skills through a process that was enjoyable and full of learning
  • Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat activities were conducted with Paired State – Assam from October to February. Activities like State Day Celebration, Alphabet writing, Songs, Proverbs, Unique words, Pledge on Swachhata, Single UsePlastic, Water Saving, Talk Shows were organised by Teachers and Students, awareness and sensitivity towards environment, Natural Water Bodies and Watersheds, showing popular Films, Learning Indigenous Sport; Question / Answer Session on paired State/UT were conducted.

34. Online Classroom Engagement for Young Warrior Movement for Teachers & Students (CBSE in collaboration with UNICEF and YuWaah):

  • Session I: Vaccination Buddy - Writing Acrostic Poems
  • Session II: Stress Buster - Emotion Floor Plan Drawing
  • Session III: Fake News - Debunking & Sharing Facts
  • Session IV: Covid 19 Recovery Tale - Stories through Comic Strips
  • Session V: Super Young Warriors - Drawings of Young Warrior Mascots


  • Orientation session on Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas for Class IX.
  • The New Assessment Policy by CBSE for 2022-23 for Classes X & XII.
  • CBSE Board Exams and Filling of OMR Sheet for Classes X & XII.
  • Career Counseling Session on Scope of Liberal Education in India and Multidisciplinary Education.
  • AIA Alumni organised interactive online session on YOGA: Strength and Positivity during the pandemic for the students, music and its scope.
  • Life Skill sessions: Skill that matters the most, Self-Assessment, ConsciousBreathing, Say No to Bullying, Empathy.
  • An illustrated document on NEP was prepared by the school for teachers,parents, students and other stakeholders.


38 teachers attended the CBSE online training sessions during 2022-23. Some of the important topics being: Salient Features of NEP 2020, Positive Mindful Mantras for Fighting Stress, Cyber Security, Happy Classrooms, Value education and its significance. Teachers contributed significantly on Diksha Portal. They attended online Nistha Modules also, some of them being: Toy Pedagogy, School Based Assessment, Initiatives in School Education, Understanding Learners: How Children Learn, Involvement of Parents and Communities for FLN, Understanding ‘Vidya Pravesh’ and ‘Balvatika’, Foundational Language and Literacy.